I’ve heard it more than a few times, “let’s make some viral content.” Even with well-received content, going viral is more of an anomaly than it is a systematic approach to be repeated over and over again with consistent results.

We’ve all witnessed the prolific rise in digital that started with websites and onto social, like MySpace and eventually Facebook and Twitter. These pipelines started opening up like a fire hose – so much content was needed that marketers employed Dan Goldin’s tactic, “faster, better, cheaper” and not necessarily in that order.

Let’s step out of the trees for a moment, so that we can get a good look at the content forest. In this channel haze, we got caught up in producing so much content that we lost sight of who we are  – the mojo, swagger and passion that made us awesome. Staying brand-centric will help you steer clear of channel obsession and onto producing authentic content.

There is a busy intersection between commerce and conversation.  A place where good content should live. Every well-guided brand has one or two things they need to achieve in order to stave off market hungry competitors. Make sure your content addresses those needs. In the end, quality will always trump quantity.


* Free viral content with the purchase of one piece of viral content of equal or greater value.