Hello again Team!

Here are some revised logos based on the feedback I was sent by Kimberly. I tried a number of things including some of the suggestions provided by the team. The logo does purposefully take on a triangular shape that exudes strength and symbolizes moving forward by pointing up. I tried reinforcing that concept by making the lower text block (strategic pathways) move out past REGULATORY but quickly found that it threw off its

proportions and compromised aesthetics. I feel I found success by bringing down the word REGULATORY while making the words PATHWAYS GROUP larger. Even though the word REGULATORY is larger than PATHWAYS GROUP, I was able to optically push it back by using a softer color while also punching up the visual weight of PATHWAYS GROUP.

4a is the chosen logo to receive edits. Your choices are basically between 4b and 4c with 4d complimenting which ever is chosen. 4b and 4c are very similar other than the colors used for the word REGULATORY. This helps show how weighting and visual balance can be achieved through color. 4d will be used often and looks great in this format. It shows how we can pull out the words PATHWAYS GROUP and, in turn, place more emphasis on the words. Looking forward to your thoughts.